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Can i get 100% real buy traffic

Can I get 100% real buy traffic?

Can I get 100% real buy traffic?

Absolutely Yes! PPV Traffic stands for pay per view traffic. You simply pay for traffic from an established traffic network.

Usually how this works is that traffic network companies give away software or manage websites with 1000’s of visitors. You are paying for full page views of your website on their network.

There is usually some kind of keyword targeting available. However, this keyword targeting will not be quite as accurate as Google Adwords.

The advantage is that pay per view traffic is way less expensive than PPC traffic from Google.

PPV Traffic is Less Targeted Than Expensive PPC Traffic, But You Get More Views For Less

Pay per view traffic shows your full page website on generally smaller traffic networks.

The traffic often can be keyword targeted but you will not get the same level of targeting from ppv traffic then you will from large networks like Google and Facebook.

The advantage of pay per view traffic is that it is way less expensive the pay per click traffic on the major networks. You get many more times at bat.

You can pay as little as 1 cent per full page view of your site.

To give you an idea, a niche such as personal injury attorneys pay as much as $200. per click on their Google Adwords ad! There still are no guarantees of conversions.

Personal Injury Attorneys Pay Up to $200. For 1 Click From PPC Traffic. Pay Per View Traffic can give up to 20,000 visits for $200!

A typical pay per view traffic campaign could give you up to 20,000 visits for the same price as one click on Google Adwords.

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If you have a great page that converts and the targeting does not have to be as laser targeted as on Google Adwords this might be a cost effective strategy.

In addition simply getting traffic to your website can help your search engine rankings.

Dead sites with no traffic usually get lost in Google.

PPV Traffic Can Help Get Your Website Noticed By The Search Engines.

PPV traffic can be a way of starting to get momentum to your website. Traffic itself has shown to be a criteria that search engines use to rank your websites.

I have websites where I have not done much SEO work that are highly ranked in Google simply because of the traffic.

Even if the traffic does not directly convert it can help your site start to get noticed in the search engines which in turn can lead to high quality search traffic as your site gets ranked higher in Google.

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