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How to optimize facebook page

Facebook Pages help your image or business advance and offer its worth add and to aid clients with better support.

You’ve to make sure your Facebook page is appropriately optimized in all possible areas in order to get the utmost helping results for your business.

Facebook Page, serves as a micro-website for your business, thus imparting complemented highlights and glimpses of your brand.

Moving further with Facebook Page optimization, follow the points mentioned below:

Facebook Page Type

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While choosing the Facebook page type for your brand, it’s important to pick the right category of your business amongst the following categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company
  • Brand or Product
  • Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Business Page Name

Choose the right name for your Business Page so that the Page Title comes first in the eyes of Google. Since the name you choose for your business page is permanent.

Work On your Page Detail

  • Add a profile picture ( logo of your brand is best to showcase in the profile picture for your Facebook business page)
  • Add a cover photo

A cover photo is the best way to make your page more eye-catching and interesting for your Facebook page visitors. You need to change the cover seasonally, thus indicating your brand USP, Achievements, Updates or News about your business.

  • Choose the Username for your Facebook Business Page, so that users can easily search your business page on Facebook.
  • Call to Action Button: Just below the cover image, you can also add a call to action (CTA) to your website.

There are 2 Steps to select the button for you amongst the options shown below in the image

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Step 1: Which button do you want people to see?

See the categories of buttons you can use in the below image

Step 2: Where would you like this button to send people to?

About Section

Edit your Business Details from the categories mentioned below:

  • General:

1- Description

2- Categories

  • Contact:
  1. Phone Number
  2. Email Address
  3. Website
  • Location:
  1. Service Area
  2. Hours
  • More:

1- Impressum

2- Price Range

3- Products

  • Story Section:

Allowing Facebook Page Owners to share eye-catchy Image, including a glimpse into business with a description. In order to complete this section, three necessary pieces of information are to be entered.

1- Image

2- Title

3- Your Story

Organise your Page Tabs

The reason why you want to take a look at this section is that some tabs may be more of a priority for your business, depending on what you do.

There are some pre-defined templates Facebook suggests, you can also take them into consideration to get guesswork of how to organize your tabs.

Managing customer reviews and comments

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Through Facebook, you can provide great service to your customers by interacting and engaging them on behalf of your page. You can seek for reviews of your products and services. Indicating your consumers that your brand is engaging and cares about making them satisfied.

Executing these optimization tips will improve your Facebook Business Page permeability and client experience, the two of which are essential for your business branding.

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