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How is Guest Blog Post and how to do it?

Best practices for doing blog posts

What is a guest blog posting?

Guest blog posting” signifies composing and distributing an article on another person’s site or blog. It simply brings more traffic from other sites to less/growing sites by using the backlinks in the blog posts.

How can gust blog posting be done?

Some bad quality locales search with the expectation of complimentary substance by offering to acknowledge visitor posts. Clearly, these are not the locales you need to visit.

The main part of a decent objective for a visitor post is traffic. Without traffic, there’s actually no advantage to posting.

The subsequent angle is that a lot of that traffic should be made of your intended interest group. Something else, nobody will think often about your post, regardless of how great it is.

What should you do before blog posting?


Search for the two types of sites

Expansive position destinations

These locales are regularly easily recognized names (think Forbes, The Huffington Post, or Business Insider). They have huge loads of traffic, and regardless of whether just a little level of that traffic is your intended interest group, it’s awesome. My standard posts on Forbes have produced a great deal of business for me.

High traffic blog

These online journals are significantly more specialty explicit however are generally made of your intended interest group. As far as I might be concerned, that incorporates locales like Web index Diary and Moz. Yet, don’t post too often as the greater part of these pursuers will definitely know you.

What is the next step now?

Step -2

In this step, you should search for the high authority sites.

To track down those overall enormous power locales, you need to think in wide terms.

For instance, while I blog for the most part on creating traffic and income through contributing to a blog, this load of themes fall under the primary specialty of business.

Just scanning Google for “business” will raise the greatest business authority destinations on the Web:

Not these locales will be reasonable focuses for visitor posts as not every one of them will acknowledge visitor posting.

Others may expect you to initially be a forerunner in your field prior to composing for them. To show your power, you’ll send them to your other visitor posts on industry driving websites.

Thus, while you should begin by making this rundown of the large destinations that you ultimately need to add to consistently, it’s ordinarily best to seek after the more reasonable specialty writes first to develop somewhat of a standing.

The next step is very easy!

Search by the following keywords to connect with guest post bloggers and high authoritative websites.

You can search by the following keywords directly in Google

1. “ by guest post”

“contributing writer”

“this is a guest post by”

“contribute to our site”

“guest posting guidelines”

“suggest a post”

“contributor guidelines”

“guest posts wanted”

“writers wanted”

“write for us”


Once you find out the high authoritative sites for blog posting by using the above keywords. The next process is to contact them for blog posting.

How to contact bloggers, websites so they can accept blog posts.

Pitching Ideas

Note: Most guest blogging sites have guidelines on their sites that show how to post. If you are missing that guideline. You can mail the sites by using the below email template.

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Here is the email template that can be used to get responses higher than usual.

Hi [Name],

Anyhow, I’m writing to you because I’m interested in contributing a guest post on your site.

Based on what has worked for [Site name] in the past, I feel that your readers would love these ideas:

  • [Idea Title #1][Brief Description]
  • [Idea Title #2][Brief Description]
  • [Idea Title #3][Brief Description]

To give you an idea of my writing style and quality, here’s a guest post I recently wrote for [Guest post link]

Do you think these ideas would be a good fit?


[Your name]

Step -5

Creating Content

When you have an endorsed thought, you can get down to making content. Here are a couple of things to follow during content creation.

1- focus on readability of the blog post

2- Include custom images

3- Get contextual links

Everything is done. Now you need to submit the guest blog post and ready for more traffic to come in.

Hope this helps

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