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How are 6 steps for generating paid traffic

Here are 6 steps for generating paid traffic and to get the most out of it for your website.

1. Create a Smart Paid Traffic Roadmap.

People who say that PPC doesn’t work might have tried to run their ad campaigns without planning them first. This is to avoid common pitfalls like little or no impressions, huge overspend, and low click-through rate.

2. Plan your Budget Wisely

One of the biggest mistakes in launching a PPC campaign is failing to conduct proper research in preparation.

Another problem is that failing to do your calculations — i.e. working out not only how much money you are going to spend, but what you are going to spend it on, and what you want in return — can result in an increased ad spend that only brings a few low-quality leads to your site.

So, you need to know what are the keywords you are going to target, in which location and what is your KPI for that particular campaign.

3. Create A Winning Ad Copy

Any compelling ad copy is made up of a targeted headline and a triggering description The first tells your prospects what is in it for them, and the second explains how they can get it there and then.

4. Launch an Effective Landing Page

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To avoid wasting your precious paid clicks, check your landing page bounce rate, time on page, heat map, and form abandonment rate; this is one way to know exactly how appealing it is to visitors.

If they leave immediately after landing, the page probably doesn’t align with the keywords it’s displayed for, and you’re talking to the wrong people. If they stay for a while but never click the call-to-action (CTA), your offer doesn’t excite them, that’s why creating a winning landing page is utmost important.

5. Utilize All The Platforms

Reaching out to people across all the platforms, not just Google and Facebook, is a great way to make the most of your ads by placing them in front of potential customers more frequently (within reason).

When it comes to brand safety and technical issues, utilizing several platforms also reduces your risk because you will still be visible on others even if one fails or goes down.

6. Introduce Automation

PPC automation technology uses AI and machine learning to boost your paid traffic wherever possible, from selecting the channels to reporting on results. However, some tools only automate bids, whilst others only optimize ads, and you’ll need at least one or more to get your ads to likely prospects.

I hope the information provides some light on how to get the most out of your paid traffic.

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